Book margin and bleed


1. Binding edge: a minimum margin of 20mm on the binding edge, and this will avoid losing information into the spine.

2. The rest of 3 edges: a minimum margin of 10mm should also be applied to the other 3 edges (we typically trim to 295 x 208mm).

3. If you have landscape pages within your portrait document, please do not place text too close to the top edge. When the page is rotated to portrait for printing, you may lose text along the spine edge.

Spine of Books

1. Please add an additional 3mm of bleed to your artwork If any images or artwork goes right to the edge of the page, or “bleeds” off the page.

2. We might trim your pages short by a few millimetres to avoid any white edges If this is not possible to do so.

Bleed of Books

1. PDFs are universal and this means that you can actually use it on all platforms whether Mac, Windows, iOS or Android unlike Word that may not work well on Mac systems.

2. PDF is that it is secured as it has a password protection option that ensures that documents are safe.

3.  Why does my Word document look different on different computers?Microsoft Word documents display differently on different systems because of differences between the systems. … Word documents were never intended to do what you’re doing. They were never meant to distribute documents to others for reading. Your client is on the right track: that’s exactly what PDF is for.

4. Covert Tools:

5. Please upload or Send us PDF format.

best file format for book binding